Tuesday, December 18, 2012

These are the latest chunkies for my "Chunky for bits .. " on UKS.  The top one .. "Flute" is for TeddySoo whose puddytat died recently after a long and happy life with her and the family.
T'other one is also cat themed .. for Xmasbaby.  She wanted Quirky cats, so I have used cartoon characters - Tom & Jerry, Sylvester and TweetyPie, Felix, Puss in Boots, Garfield and the Cheshire Cat !!   Both lasdies have received their chunkies and seem quite pleased with my efforts!  Great.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Two more from my "chunky for bits" thread on UKS .... Steampunk Christmas for Ally50 and Victorian Ladies for scrappyyo .  I must be doing something right as this is her second one!

Apparently the chunkies have arrived and both ladies like my offerings ..phew! I can breathe again.